About me!

I'm Chris, 39, german and keyboard enthusiast. After searching for a good polycarbonate ressource to get plates made for a long time, I finally found a manufacturer that can provide a high-enough quality. After some prototype runs and a first groupbuy of 30 plates for the german keyboard community discord with good results, I am now offering this as a service to european keyboard enthusiasts.

If you are from outside the EU, you can of course also contact me for a special offer.

If you are interested, you can join my Discord Server here.

About the plates!

All plates are made at a high quality, german watercutting company out of 1.5mm thick clear polycarbonate.

The company is located in my hometown to ensure a close and excellent hands-on quality control. Previous orders and GB runs already have proven the good quality of the plates.

Order Process?

There is a MOQ of 10 pieces per run, but all 10 can be different files / 10 different people!

As I am forwarding the files to the manufacturing company as soon as I get them from you, it might be done quicker.
Once you contacted me via E-Mail or Discord, you will be given a link to a google spreadsheet where you can track everything regarding your order.


Since these plates are watercut and not CNC'ed, there might be a small amount of residue to the cutouts. Almost all of it will be removed by the manufacturer manually, but there is a chance there is some left. This can be removed by just running your fingers over the edges of the cutouts.

Prices & Shipping?

- 37 € per plate
- EU (up to 4 plates, up to 75%): 10 €.
- US (up to 4 plates, up to 75%): 18 €
- ROTW: Contact me for a quote

I always ship tracked.

Sample pictures from previous runs: